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Why do I need a Stocktake?

We specialise in counting and calculating the value of stock you have on site. We do this by counting your stock at RSP and deducting VAT and profit margins to calculate wholesale price exclusive of VAT.

What makes you Business Transfer experts?


We specialise in business transfers and all related issues that arise. We fully advise on procedures and on any stock related issues i.e. sale or return goods, scratchcards, news accounts, etc.


How do I book a Stocktake with you?

To book us for a business transfer or general stock valuation please call us. We will work to your preferred time including evenings and weekends.

How does VAT work on transfers?

We value the stock on a business transfer at wholesale price. Our valuation will be exclusive of any VAT already paid on the stock. We can clarify any VAT related issues on the day of transfer.

How much does a Stocktake cost?

Our fee is dependant on the size of the shop to be valued and type of stocktake. Business transfer fees are usually split between parties. Please call for a quote.

What happens if I need to change the Stocktake date?

Stocktakes get delayed all the time due to hold ups from solicitors, banks. etc. If you need to reschedule just contact us as soon as possible and we can book in a new date without any incurring any fees.

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